Originally founded as a blog, Soy Poblana now also offers tours. To book your tour/class, message us through our facebook page or email us at All tours are available in both English and Spanish. Here are the different tours we offer:

Street Food Tour

This is a 2-hour walking tour of Puebla historical centre where you will get to try different street foods such as tacos árabes, chalupas, molotes, pelonas, cemitas, etc. Street food from Puebla, in my opinion, is the best in Mexico, so be sure to give this fun tour a try! To get an idea of dishes you would try check out our blog posts/facebook page. We are also able to accommodate for vegetarians or other dietary restrictions.

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Tours around the State of Puebla

Puebla is not just a great city but also a beautiful state. To show you this we have partnered up with a local travel agency so you can explore all of Puebla, whilst focussing on what interests you the most. Discover all facets of Poblano life, from trips to small towns, ‘pueblos mágicos’, archaeological sites and natural wonders!