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Rosca de Reyes

This is King’s Day Día de Reyes is practically upon us. ‘King’s Day’, which takes place on the 6th of January, is a big deal in Mexico and is celebrated with gifts and ‘Rosca de Reyes’. Traditionally this is… Read More

pre hispanic ofrenda

Day of the Dead: A Beginner’s Guide to Ofrendas

This is Ofrendas Day of the dead, celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November, has arrived! This is a holiday that means so much to Mexicans, and to experience it in person is really quite something. Day… Read More

la malinche

Vamos a La Malinche

This is Malinche La Malinche, a dormant volcano, looms over Puebla, just as Popocatépetl does, but from the neighbouring state of Tlaxcala. La Malinche isn’t exactly Poblana, but does have historical context for Poblanos and also makes for a great… Read More

Vamos a las Luchas!

This is Luchas  Lucha Libre, which literally means ‘free wrestling’, is like WWE Wrestling but much more entertaining. Puebla has its very own lucha libre arena that hosts wrestling every Monday night. This is an experience you can’t… Read More

The Star of Puebla

This is ‘La Estrella de Puebla’ At the end of July, La Estrella de Puebla opened. It is now a very present feature in Puebla’s skyline and a truly fantastic way to see the city.  Let’s not forget… Read More

Outside of 'La Pasita'

La Pasita

This is Licor La Pasita is most definitely part of Poblano culture and history. The oldest cantina in Puebla, La Pasita has been open since 1916 and sells shots and bottles of hand crafted liquor. The most famous… Read More

Yo Amo a Los Vochos

This is Vocho When I think of Puebla, I think of Vochos. They are a part of Mexican culture but they have an even great significance in Puebla. This is because Puebla is home to Mexico’s biggest Volskwagen… Read More

Vamos a Cholula

This is Cholula Cholula is a hop, skip and a jump away from Puebla. By car it only takes about 20 minutes, by bus you should expect a journey of about 40 minutes which costs 8 pesos, or… Read More

Presidente Municipal Election

This is Política Since my arrival in Puebla a month ago, the campaigns of Tony Gali and Enrique Agüera (the two main candidates) for the seat of  ‘Presidente Municipal ‘ (Mayor) of Puebla have been a daily presence. Their… Read More